We acknowledge that many money managers don’t outperform the index. Research into investor behaviour also shows that the average investor significantly underperforms similar benchmarks.

This business is very different than it used to be. In the old days, stock brokers were paid to generate transactions. We are consultants, giving advice and counsel to clients. Our relationship is one of partnership and it is one based on trust. What this style allows us to do, is to be on the same side of the table as you are. By focusing on your long term goals, we avoid the big mistakes of:

This works to help you achieve real life returns aimed at keeping you on track with the specific written goals of your personal RoadMap.


Our Disciplined
Investment Process
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A disciplined investment process is critical to effective asset management. It ensures we are consistently working on your behalf to:

  1. Identify New Investment Opportunities
  2. Review Holdings Relative to our Buy/Sell Criteria
  3. Rebalance According to Plan

Our process is designed to provide you with confidence, knowing your money is consistently being invested according to the 5 proven principles of our investment philosophy.

Investment Philosophy

There are 5 proven long-term principles that guide the way we invest for our clients. These principles provide the discipline needed to diversify your portfolio and maximize gains while minimizing losses.


1. DIVERSIFICATION Click for details

Active Management

We diversify your portfolio across asset classes, geography and investment managers.

Research has proven conclusively that long-term and well diversified portfolios participate in market gains, while reducing downside risk. In addition to traditional diversification strategies, we further diversify your portfolio by making use of non-traditional investments.

Non-traditional investments like infrastructure and real estate investment trusts are real assets that work to reduce risk and provide the added benefit of an income that grows over time.

Allocations based on the following: Canada Pension Plan (CPP) 2013 Annual Report (AR), Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (OTPP) 2012 AR, Caisse in Quebec 2012 AR, Alberta Heritage Fund 2012-2013 AR, Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) 2012 AR. Harvard based on 2013 policy allocation and Yale based on fiscal year 2014 policy allocation. FOr OTPP, fixed income allocation is inclusive of negative money market position. Numbers may not sum up to 100% due to rounding. Allocations are subject to change.

2. ACTIVE MANAGEMENT Click for details

Active Management

Active management is an essential component in our investment process. We believe it enhances returns and reduces risk.

The Canadian market is heavily concentrated in just a few sectors making our index highly volatile. Using internal and external research we work to identify long-term trends both in Canada and around the world. With this insight, we make calculated decisions to determine each portfolios' allocation between cash, bonds and stocks. These long-term trends also influence the weightings to those countries, sectors and securities poised to benefit from the trends we have identified.

Through active management, we diversify your portfolio to maximize gains, while minimizing losses.

3. High Quality Income
Generating Investments
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Dividend Income Generating Investments

We believe in investing in high quality, dividend paying investments.

These investments provide you with the practical benefits of:

  1. Reliable Income
  2. Income that grows over time
  3. Income that is tax-efficient
The high quality dividend paying companies we invest in are names you know, whose products you use and have proven to withstand the test of time.

4. Tax-efficient
Returns and Income
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Tax Efficiency or Returns and Income

It's not what you make, it's what you keep.

The biggest expense in most Canadians' lifetime is their tax bill. It can exceed the combined cost of your mortgage, children's education, travel and cars. Keeping your tax bill low and protecting your savings is a critical component in our investment management process.

We achieve this result by working closely with you to understand your unique situation. This helps to maximize your opportunities to grow savings tax efficiently and minimize the impact of taxes on your income.

5. REBALANCING Click for details

We believe in the fundamental wisdom of buying low and selling high. We also know that it is easier said than done. The rebalancing strategy we use ensures that this investment discipline is followed. We review the strategic allocation of our portfolios and rebalance as needed by selling those assets that are priced too high and using the proceeds to buy assets that have room to grow. The result—you benefit from improved long-term performance and less risk.